About Us

The story of BMW Sarnia goes back many years, to a farm near Oil Springs, Ontario. Dan and John Whitton were raised in a family of 8 kids, where they were taught hard work, honesty and treating people as you’d like to be treated.

When they were adults, thru circumstances in life, they took a chance and started a car dealership named Progressive Auto Sales. From the corner of Ontario and East Streets, they grew it into one of Ontario’s largest pre-owned dealerships now located at 1374 Exmouth Street, Sarnia. Today, Progressive Auto Sales Group includes Progressive Ford, Sarnia Volkswagen as well as BMW Sarnia and Progressive Auto Sales.

Our philosophy has been to price our vehicles and services so they are priced fairly for the parents of 8 kids like it was in our case growing up, and our mechanics are instructed to work on vehicles like it’s their grandmas.

When we were located at Ontario and East Streets, we would drive by the BMW store on Confederation St, then called Sarnia Fine Cars and imagine selling those beautiful vehicles never thinking it would someday be reality. Through the good fortune of the growth of our business, and proper timing we were able to acquire Sarnia Fine Cars from the previous owner Joe Andali and his family.

As part of the acquisition process, BMW requested the name to be changed to BMW Sarnia to have uniformity among the franchisees. Whether you are an existing customer or considering doing business at BMW Sarnia, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you today and in the future.